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Birthdate:Sep 17
This is mainly a slash-oriented fandom journal with random fannish squeeing and fannish creations such as fic and vids. Main fandom right now: Steve/Bucky (Captain America). More personal posts are usually friends only.

All-purpose disclaimer: You'll find lots of fan works here. There's no intent to infringe anyone's copyright; I'm just playing with the characters for fun, not profit.

I'm over 18. This journal contains explicit adult content. If you're a minor (in whatever jurisdiction you reside), for legal reasons, please do not friend me. All explicit entries have a warning.

No need to ask permission to friend or defriend me. I'm easy. (I'm not likely to friend back if you have an empty journal.)

Podfic or art: in the unlikely event that you want to make a podfic or create art inspired by something I've written, no problem, I'd be thrilled! Just credit me and give me the link when you post it.

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